Why did the Chicken Cross the Road?

To avoid our house!

Now to answer the other question that I heard several times. Below is the inventory of the items that we made from our 120# of chicken. I have linked most to recipe that I used. A lot of these are total new to us so  my plan is to come back and make a quick comment regarding how we liked it. Then the next time we try this I will have a starting place as to what to fix and what to replace. I am a little disappointed as I did not have enough chicken to complete 2 of the meals I wanted to try so next time these may replace what is don’t like.


This makes a total of 47  meals. My thought is that in reality this will be 50 meals or more including leftovers at least one night.   I will add another post with the details of how long it took to actually prepare these meals and how I complete the task on a very busy Saturday for us.

Do you have an easy freezer chicken recipe to share?

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