Menu Planning Monday

This is probably one of the most important weeks for us in regards to menu planning. The new months starts on Monday and until then, the goal is to only buy what is absolutely necessary.   By sticking to the plan we should be able to sail into October on a budget high note!

Breakfast– Pancakes, toast with  jelly, yogurt,  cereal, poptarts, and grits will be out breakfast for the week. Saturday morning- Pancakes Sunday morning- Bacon Egg and cheese biscuits

Lunch- . Lunches were all planned and mostly packed on Sunday,  including a salad day for all three kids that we were able to use lettuce from our garden to achieve.

Dinner–Things are going really well with me arriving at home  for dinner most nights of the week.

Saturday- Lunch: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches    Dinner- Stuffed Green Pepper soup- This was awesome! I get to enjoy leftovers for lunch at least one day.

Sunday- Lunch- Cowboy Beans (previously made)    Dinner-Coconut shrimp

Monday- Spinach Ravioli- Finishing up a bag.
Tuesday- Hamburger helper.
Wednesday-Pork Roast, green beans and fruit.
Thursday-  Chicken Broccoli Casserole
Friday- Hamburger with FF

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