Coffee Freak Designs

*** What is Coffee Freak Designs? ***

Coffee Freak Designs came about from some obvious divine interventions in my life. I have a degree in Advertising and Marketing from Michigan State University which helped be get into the Graphic Design field in print advertising. As years went by, it became apparent that a new field of Graphic Design was emerging and that was Web Design.  I worked for Ford Motor Company as a Website Coordinator in charge of several internal websites and projects. This experience set me up for a job with PriceWaterhouse Coopers, who moved me from Detroit, MI down to Charlotte, NC to work with clients around the country. Through a couple more job changes and relocations, I have settled in to life in Lexington, NC with my wife and 5 kids.

I decided to get back into web design after a recent layoff from my previous job. Being a stay-at-home dad, I can work from home allowing me to spend time with my kids and still design robust websites for my clients. My focus with Coffee Freak Designs is affordable quality web design for local small businesses. My approach is simple – no cookie cutter templates and personal contact with my clients.

The name ‘Coffee Freak Designs’ is derived from a nickname I received while at Ford because I was regularly seen at meetings, at my desk, or roaming the cubicles with a coffee cup in hand. I enjoy a good cup of coffee – it helps me convert caffeine into code. Technology may change, but a good cup of coffee never does.

Matt Abbott   - Coffee Freak