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As a Small Business Owner, are you Being Ignored by Bigger Agencies?

Marketing for Small Business Small BusinessSmall Business

Are you a small fish in a big pond?  Overlooked by bigger agencies because you don't have a large marketing budget?  Tired of fighting an uphill battle against bigger brands that have high-dollar marketing and advertising budgets?  Coffee Freak Designs was created just for you.  You work directly with the designer from start to finish.  Working hand-in-hand directly with the client allows a more in-depth understanding of your business and how we can best meet your marketing needs.  Whether you are just hanging out your shingle, or have been in business a while, it's always good to have fresh eyes look at your marketing efforts and see what can be improved.

Looking for a logo?  A website?  Online store?  From sales brochures and literature to all-out social media marketing blitzes, we can do it all.  Consider us your one-stop marketing shop! 

Marketing Services for Small Business

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Small Businesses are at the heart of Coffee Freak Designs, because we are one too! In order to compete with the big budget competition, small businesses have to use every advantage they can get. Small size means greater agility in the market place. We find these small advantages and turn them into big wins for the little guy. Big things can come in small packages!

For All Your Creative Needs Creative NeedsCreative Needs

From print media to web design to Social Media Management, we do it all.

Website Design

Put your best foot forward to new clients. We will build you a website that matches your brand. Don't settle for a cookie-cutter template that won't differentiate you from another business or INDUSTRY! Be bold. Be original.

Search Engine Optimization

Don't leave your digital doorway closed. There are roughly 40-60 BILLION Google searches performed every month. 91% of all adults use search engines to find information prior to a purchase. Will your company come up in any of those searches?

Social Media Management

The internet is no longer a one way street. Businesses thrive on social media feedback and communication. Speak to your customers where they are by using the platforms they use the most. We can help get you set up, or handle the communication on your behalf.

E-Commerce Sites

Make money while you sleep! The internet is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Take orders on your site, show real-time inventory totals, calculate shipping and track the progress all the way to fulfillment with an E-commerce site. Let's get started!

Built for Small Business Small BusinessSmall Business

Small Businesses are the Heart of Commerce!

of GDP

Small Businesses represent 90% of the Gross Domestic Product in the US.

Private Sector Employment

Small Businesses employ almost half of those employed in the U.S.

Fail Due to Lack of Marketing

Don't become part of this statistic. Put an expert in your corner!